Hello, This is Masangsoft Representative.
We confirmed that some people use nickname which indicated Masangsoft representatives such as Admin and GM in MicroVolts forum.
Please keep in mind that we do not manage our forum properly at present.
We will proceed with the account block and suspension for the nickname spoof.

Account block nicknames are as follows.

1. Administrator
2. [Admin]Zero
3. [GM]Nax -  jugarmv
4. [GM]Porn - noobikkoobik
5. [GM]Extra - bamboozledlul
6. [MOD]Tiux - martin9673
7. [MOD]MasterZyzz -
8. [GM]SMD
9. [GM]MjD

I really apologize to our forum members for giving [User] confusion.
Currently, we are trying to give MicroVolts service.
As early as December, we will be able to re-announce the MicroVolts service.
Please note that this period is not certain and probably delayed.
Thank you for waiting for the service announcement in advance.